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   From a very young age, me and my family have always ben fond of the ocean. I've grown up in Southern California and learned all kinds of water safety, currents, tides, and about waves.

   In my opinion, surfing is the best way to spend your time on California's coast with no equal.

   My goal is to make you love surfing while enjoying the vibes of California. We will do anything we can to make you love surfing and have fun time as much as we all do.
So, come paddle out and join us in the water!





   Hi everyone! My name is Justin, and I've been surfing almost 20years at many locations such as California, Mexico, and Hawaii. I've been teaching of all ages from 4 to 70 to surf and paddle board since 2012, and this has been my full time job year around, which has given me a stronger teaching ability.

   My goal as a surf instructor is to help you find the same passion for surfing and the ocean as the local surfers in California do.

   The difference between us and other schools is we teach skills that you can use whenever you surf in the future.

We'll help you to become a real surfer!